‘Exposure’ by Wilfred Owen

Title: Take Me Out Artist: Franz Ferdinand 247 plays



Liberty Leading the People, Eugéne Delacroix

The idea of uprising is so importantly portrayed in this picture, that everything behind has been put ambiguously in the smoke, so we can say the element of perspective is not precisely created, although not neglected. The sole architecture of the Norte Dam on the right suggest the depth or a feeling of distance, or the obscurely painted swords and rifles with emerging heads of few figures from thick smoke of guns or cannons behind the main figure of Liberty suggest a sense of perspective. Otherwise, everything is unclear in the background, which may be intentionally done by the painter, as his main concern is to focus the marching strides towards a destination of uprising, as the entire revolutions do, leaving everything behind.


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First draft of ‘The Last Laugh’ by Wilfred Owen


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Five ladies with long stockings and a Scotsman, England, 1927

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Captain George Edward Henry McElroy (b. 14 May 1893 — d. 31 July 1918) - leading ace fighter pilot of the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force during World War I. Credited with 47 aerial victories.


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Russian soldiers teaching German prisoners Kalinka during WWI

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